Naama Peled

Intimacy & Emotional exploration

A beautiful ritual for inner quest&group relating. An expirimant of trible eros, shamanic breath and emotional Exploration.

We will step together into a journey of intimate dialog, movement, breath and soft eros.

To create a container for this experience we will allow authenticity, sharing, partner &boundary work to be transmitted. We will meet raw, wild, voices inside our beings.

Setting intations for love, and the freedom to be.

We will explore the transpersonal places of sensuality and connections.

All are welcome, with or without partner.

איטי/רגוע/ין | Slow/calm/yin

יום חמישי, בשעות 22:00-23:45, במתחם טיפולים


Organic movement

An inspiring exploration of non linear, intuitive, organic movement.

Creative breath sessions and body liberation.

This is an invitation to explore and expand our physical awareness.

To feel, move & breath in different , inspiring ways.  To listen to the deep, raw needs of the body. Expressing, Experiencing, Remembering.

Diving into the inspiration of music, sound and feeling.

דינאמי | Dynamic

ביום שישי, בשעות 16:00-17:45, במתחם שאקטי

yoga is a process, not a practice

Yoga as a deep, authentic, shamanic journey.

The field of yoga is expanding and changing.

The traditional approach is evolving and being more  fused and intigrated with various types of methods.

Medicine rituals, organic movement, shamanic breath, bodywork, emotional release and shadow work are transmitted into teachers. We are, as humans are changing, our dialogs are changing. The way we expirimant with life is changing.

In this session we will share how to  hold physio – emotional space that is mature and supportive to today needs.

Through different modalities and techniques, mainly creating a loving, compassionate environment we will dive into the process of yoga as a tool for transformation.

סשן למתרגלים מתקדמים ומורים

שיחה ותרגול, תנועה אורגנית, נשימה ויוגה

ביום שבת, בשעות 14:00-15:45, במתחם אטמן

Naama peled

A life explorer in the fields of yoga, movement & therapy since 2001.

A teacher, healer and therapist.

Breath coach, bodyworker, movement facilitator and a radical investigator of life.

A human, woman, mother, parter, lover,lover of life.

Holding huge passion for intimate, deep, raw processes.

Holding and co-crating inspiring spaces for self and group journeys.