Yulia Maklakova

Yoga tabata

The Tabata yoga lesson take about 1:20 min, starting with warm -up [15-20 min] surya namaskar, than the central part its the 30 min, its a interval work that built from 6 to 8 rounds. each round take 20 to 30 seconds of work, and then 10 seconds of rest . the work its on different position on the 4 muscle groups in the legs, hand,back and stomach. the third part of the lesson is stretching for 20 min, we stretch all muscles that we work on . we will finish the lesson with 10 min savasana .
During the activity there is instruction with an emphasis on precise positions.

Yulia Maklakova

yoga teacher for 17 years , teach many kind of yoga , from moscow russia

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