We are yogis. We choose again and again the path of freedom, the path of love. We wield the sword of wisdom where ignorance would exclude something or somebody. We are yogis. The way we sit, the way we breathe, the way we speak, all of these things are informed by one much greater decision. That one choice, is the choice we all make in every moment – whether or not to love. Our practice of Asana is the expression of that choice. Come play with us!

About Roxi:

Roxi's sessions express the flavors of spiritual traveling.
On the one hand, there is the nostalgia of outdoor life in Canada, swinging from trees, running through fields , rowing on still water, and handstands flung into long August grasses.
Her background in Film and Religious studies, Poetry, Music, Philosophy, and Zen, all combine together in the perfect culmination of spiritual work.
Roxi's depth of investigation is both physically engaging, and deeply spiritual, with room for curiosity and the gentle unfolding of our True Nature: Knowing-Being.
This exploration will plunge us deeply into the Heart of Yoga toward the steady pulse of our Being, Silent Awareness itself.

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