Shirley Bandel

Into Freedom, I dive : A Shamanic Yoga Journey

My classes are deeply experimental and healing. I focus less on alignment and physicality but more on connection to all aspects of Self. We will explore connection to Self, through the body with yoga asanas and movement. Connection to our soul through conscious breathing, energy release work and other healing modalities. Connection to the cosmic forces of nature and the universe through meditation, contemplation and visualisation.

We will be going on a deep journey through the emotional, mental, physical , spiritual and energetic body . We will be observing with loving awareness all our relationships. We will connect deeply to our heart and to all what is present in the now moment. We will release what is not serving us any longer and choose freedom and love over imprisonment and fear. Through the guidance, sacred sounds, smells and smokes , all our senses will be awakened and we will reach a deep state of tranquility, bliss and freedom.

Full Moon 🌕 women’s Circle 

My Women’s circles are gatherings of women for women.  The circle is an open and safe space for women of all ages. We will gather during this full moon to share one another stories; we will ask and receive guidance and healing and empowerment for our path. Historically the moon has been seen as harnessing a lot of power for women. It's why traditionally a full moon was seen as prime time for women to gather and share rituals, wisdom, songs, stories together in a sacred, safe, loving, non judgmental and supportive environment. We are blessed that the Moon will be full during the Yoga Fest, so, let us be led by her and gather into the great mystery of life.

Shirley Bandel is an embodied yogi, dancer, mystic, teacher, shaman, healer, exploring consciousness through body, mind and spirit practices for more than 25 years. She has traveled around the globe to study with various Masters, healers and shamans of different lineages of spirituality. She has been influenced by the teachings of Yoga, movement, Breath work, Bioenergetics, Bodywork, Shamanism, Sacred Sound and Music, and much more.

Shirley’s heart-centered approach to yoga and healing is gentle , compassionate and allowing . She is able to bring alive the ancient wisdom teachings for modern truth seekers and create a safe space for seekers to connect deeply with their own authentic power, spirit and truth.

Instagram : shirleys.temple101

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