David Sye

The Yoga Revolution

"If a butterfly wing can create a hurricane, that's why the yoga revolution will not be televised!". The session explores the eternal ongoing cause and effects of yoga through the YOGABEATS practice as one of the deepest revolutions and evolutions known to humankind.

Shamanistic Yogabeats

Combining the Yogabeats practice together with ancient techniques and ceremonial elements to open up doorways from the limited into the unlimited. Session will be accompanied by the magical shamanic sounds of master musician Pepe Danza.


David Sye is extremely well known in the yoga world and is the creator of yogabeats. As the son of Frankie Vaughn he too has a passion for music which he brings to his freestyle yogabeats practise; this is refreshingly liberating and tremendous fun. As a totally free spirit, David encourages you too, to celebrate yourSelf by freeing your body and opening your mind and heart. In a quiet moment, David offers beautiful and nutritious food for thought. I have always left David’s workshops/sessions, feeling incredibly awake and alive and… ready to 'celebrate life’ – as is his motto. In my twenty five years of yoga practise/teaching, I have come across many yoga teachers. David is certainly the most authentic, charismatic and inspirational yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I know you will enjoy this day and this is why I have invited you."