Sophia La Pastina

Sophia born in Brasil and has been 23 years in a relationship with Yoga. She created and teaches YOGA MEDICINA, a transformational Hatha Vinyasa Flow with the tantric techniques from yoga and somatic approach. Sophia is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for the modern practitioners, in a fun, creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways. Sophia is a senior AcroYoga teacher, she taught, building community around the world for a decade, been invited to teach for the first time this practice in Israel back in the days. Now days she shares the wisdom of years of dedication and its infinite possibilities,from the a exquisite precise technique of Asanas to the sutil understanding of energy. All guided with full on music/shamanic beats and reminding us that "La Medicina Soy Yo". insta:@yoga_medicina /fb: Sophia La Pastina

Shamanic Hatha Yoga

Thursday 16:00 at the Amphi zone

A journey in to a resilient body and a powerful mind. We will explore together old Hatha yoga techniques to create balance and inner power.

Vinyasa&Handstang Flow

Friday 18:00 at the Amphi zone

Come with a curious mind. We will explore the principles, foundations and alignments of the Handstand world. We will learn how to incorporate handstands into your Vinyasa Flow, in and out of chaturangas, all while having fun! That's right, once you get the password to Handstands, its like having a superpower where the whole practice enhances and things get more tasty. You don't have to know Handstands to come because all will be adapted for different levels of experience. Get ready to rewire your yoga practice, to discover a new world upside down, and to create new ways of thinking Get ready for some sweat and fun surrounded by groovy music beats.

Tantra&Vinyasa Beats

Saturday 6:45 at Shakti zone

A powerful combo of Tantra Yoga with Vinyasa where we create a space to celebrate, love and rise as a tribe. We interweave Tantric inner tools with the physical aspects of Asana. Awakening the devotion with a shamanic beats sound experience through the whole practice. We honor the roots of yoga without boring you into Shavasana. We bring the experience of tantra yoga with a modern feel. Playful, communicative, and explorative are all words we value in this practice. Welcome to practitioners of all experience levels.

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