Anna Tyc

Anna Tyc, born in Warsaw Poland growing up in Berlin Germnay where she started her journey as a yoga student and teacher. She wants to share her passion to yoga life style and make yoga accessible to everyone. She is co-founder of High On Yoga Berlin studio where she is still sharing her practice with berlin community. Anna offers intensive vinyasa flow with chanting mantra pranayama meditation and hands on assist. Anna is greatfull to all incredible teachers who inspired her path: BNS Iyanger Mandala Mysore,Gregor Maehle, Monica Gauci, Richard Freeman,Netta Barnea.

Vinyasa for Joy

Thursday 16:00 at Shakti zone

Old Me&New Me- rejuvenate your energy. The session will start with short guided meditation, following pranayama practice. Further we will have nice warm up to establish proper pranayama breath, activate the Bhandas and get deeper into the practice. We will move through dynamic standing asana and get ready for asana yoga lab where more advanced asanas will be explained, so ech of the Yogi with the proper assist can experience them. Further Practiconiers will be guided through “soft landing” deep forward band and finishing sequence to dive into sweet shavasana. Session will be with playful playlist, and full hands-on -assist.

Blow up Immersion

Friday, 9:30 at Brahman zone

Blow up session is a special class design to guide us , prepare us to specific asanas. We will start the journey to handstand and all main transitions from proper warm up, pranayama practice and meditation. This is dynamic session to help you to take your practice on another level. Meet yourself on the mat as you are with your full potential.

מורים ומנחים נוספים