Rachel Krentzman

Rachel Krentzman is a physical therapist, certified yoga therapist and author of two books; Yoga for a Happy Back:  A Teacher Guide to Spinal Health through Yoga Therapy and Scoliosis, Yoga Therapy and the Art of Letting Go.  She is the founder of Happy Back Yoga Academy, an online continuing education training for yoga teachers and practitioners who want to learn how to use yoga for therapeutic purposes.   Rachel is the co-director of Wisdom-Body Yoga Therapy, an 800-hour certification program in Israel.  She is passionate about integrating yoga into the healthcare system.

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The Power of Twists
יום שישי 10:00-12:00 במתחם אטמן

The energy of twists is about letting go of the old and bringing in new, healthy energy.  Twists can be invigorating and energizing but can also cause back pain if not practiced with  correct alignment principles.  In this workshop, we will explore important alignment cues needed for twists and different ways to practice that support your spine and sacroiliac joint.  We will also talk about the benefits of twists for digestion and learn one of the most rejuvenating twists for the entire length of the spine – Matseyangasana.

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety
יום שבת 14:00-16:00 במתחם אטמן

Yoga Therapy has many tools to offer for those struggling with anxiety and a lack of grounding.  This session will include a discussion about how yoga therapy views anxiety and how we can approach it through asana, pranayama, philosophy, meditation and lifestyle, including ayurveda.  The physical practice will focus on grounding, stabilization of the nervous system and core strengthening.  You will learn specific techniques that you can practice at home to create a calm, stable mind.

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