Sahara Piksie

Sahara Piksie is a Tribal Fusion Bellydancer & Singer/Songwriter born in the U.K. and currently based in Tel Aviv.
She travelled the world for 15 years – living amongst many tribal cultures and absorbing an assortment of languages, dances, music and rituals which all contribute to her fusion art and lifestyle.

She teaches and performs all over the world and fuses all Ethnic Dance forms with Yoga and Pilates to create Health of Body , Mind & Spirit in a unique and beautiful way – especially focusing on the cultivation of wellbeing and connecting people more deeply with their bodies. Besides holding many certificates of Dance & movement, Sahara is a certified "Integrated Dance Instructor", was voted "Professional International Bellydancer of the Year, 2020" and has a private studio in Yafo

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Yoga for dancers
יום שישי16:00-18:00 באמפי אום

Over 20 years I have created a yoga practice used as a base to practise my dance moves. I move to rhythmic musical beats and intersperse dance technique and flow throughout the sequences.

Movement and Sound

יום שבת 14:00-16:00 במתחם שאקטי

as a dancer and a singer I find a lot of tension can be eased through movement and also sound.

מורים ומנחים נוספים