Yotam Agam

No Attachment Soundscape Meditation

Our living and practice environments are noise polluted , the constant information being received through our ears is playing a major role on our behaviors, mostly subconsciously. Developing awareness through simple ear training and guided imagination can lead to a powerful tool. Through the experience of listening to music and silence and how we perceive this information, yotam will share his experience on how to practice acceptance and no attachment. The peak will be sitting and listening to an audio/musical soundscape, simple yet difficult exercise, that will invite a lot of feeling and emotions, your mind will be moved, captured , rejected and at times you will feel it may be impossible or beautiful.

Most of all, you will get to identify behavior patterns that arise from our hearing environment.

Yoga Live Shivananda and Music

Using sounds, drone frequencies and rhythms , divya and yotam will run a soft Yoga class that explore the relationships between the postures and the music and enhace the power that one can have on the other in a class .

Sound will be a focus point and carrier during the session while Divyas voice will play a role in between.

Yotam Agam

Musician , Yoga Teacher and Producer , been exploring the relationship between sounds and Yoga Posture for many years and been using the Medium of sound as a center in my practice.

Website: http://www.yotamagam.com/?page_id=1009