Swami Yogaratna Saraswati



Bhakti – bottomless heart

Starting with kirtan or chanting, followed by an explanation and experience of bhakti yoga, and “Satyananda Bihar School of Yoga” style and its’ main hallmarks or contributions to world yoga. Dhyan Yoga, ‘Meditation from the Tantras’, and how sit comfortably for meditation. How to start meditation, how to focus, go deep within, enjoy, clear the mind, Review of the Day, a positive way to change and to create the best that we can be.

5 Elements Meditation & Pranayama

Facing the East with the start of the day, we meditate on Pancha Maha Bhutas (Five Elements) experiencing and connecting to nature and Higher Consciousness through the elements within us and around us. This will be in combination with Pranayama techniques to enable a simple and very powerful meditation. We will sing a few Ancient Yogic Chants to bring in the new day.

Yoga Nidra

the best loved of all Satyananda Bihar Yoga techniques, Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep Meditation) or Yogic Dreaming. Step by step going from the outer world of sounds, through body, breath, mind, deep subconscious, releasing negativity, putting in positivity, connecting to our Higher Self and returning a fresh happy person.

Havan Fire Ceremony

celebrating Shabbat through the ancient Indian Vedic ceremony of Havan or Yagna, a fire ceremony through which we can purify, transform and energize. Including traditional ancient mantras through which we can heal and be healed and elevated. A rare experience outside of India.

Closing with a description and value of Ashram life and invitation to visit our Shankar Prasad Ashram near Goa, and our mother ashrams in the North. Question and answers.


Swami Yogaratna Saraswati

was initiated into Sannyas in 1985. She served in Bangalore branch of Bihar School of Yoga and Ganga Darshan Main Ashram for 20 years learning and teaching the A-Z of Satyananda Bihar Yoga, Children, Women, Therapy and Advanced yogas and Meditations from the Tantras, and running the ashram, editing its newsletter, initiating a reforestation project and giving programs in and outside in South India. Swamiji is best known for her favourites: Yoga Nidra, Advanced Yoga Nidra and Yoga Nidra Teacher’s Training. With over 34 years yoga experience, she now has her own small ashram Shankar Prasad in Gokarna, India, near Goa, with an English medium Play School and organic farm and Seva Sangha (volunteer unit).