Who Am I, anyway?

How self-inquiry and deep meditation, help the Yogi recognize reality, and put an end to suffering.

A series of conversations, questions, and stories that reveal our true nature beyond and before the world of form. Open to all brave souls who are willing to drop their ideas about what and who they think they are and enter into the verbal and meditative investigation that leads to the revelation of the Self.

יום שישי, 21:00-22:30, במתחם אטמן


1/2 Monkey. 1/2 Monk. All Divine!

We recognize and celebrate the Godly-Human-Being that we are with asana, dancing, chanting, and silence.

We shine, each of us with our individual colors and textures, but all with the same OneLife which we are. Our expressions are diverse, but our essence is One! Come liberate yourself through the freedom of movement and celebrate your nature in dance, in laughter, and in love..

דינאמי | Dynamic

יום שבת, 08:00-10:30, במתחם שאקטי



Roxi grew up in Canada, inspired by the natural world, and filled with the longing for the Divine. When she wasn't back-bending out in the garden, Roxi spent hours poring over spiritual books eagerly absorbing the wisdom that she recognized there as a reflection of Highest Truth. Later, years of travel to study teachings in the Far East set her heart aflame with the fire of Zen, Tao, Yoga and more…While willing to learn from everyone, her main teachers are Shakti Mhi, Sri Dharma Mittra, and Sri Ramana Maharshi. The flavor of Roxi's teaching expresses the joy and curious exploration of a child, the longing and honest devotion of a sadhu, and the pure immediacy of this one moment. There is singing, prayer, silent sitting, woven deeply through with a musical and humorous philosophy of Oneness, and of Love. The Asana practice is strongly dynamic, entirely precise, and often poetic, woven through with the colours of spiritual travel, and stretching through the roots of suffering into the heart of Stillness itself. Like an artist who cannot be classified under a certain category, Roxi explores the depths of this moment together with her students, as an organic movement which captures together the varied practices of yoga in a single revelation and a holistic understanding of who we really are. Come. You will be happy you did.