Rachel Krentzman

Yoga And Your Knees

In this workshop, we will explore the knee joint, safety considerations in yoga and techniques on how to heal from knee pain and injury.

Pain in the knees is often a result of decreased strength and an imbalance of tight muscles around the hips, pelvis and feet. In this workshop, we will explore the use of alignment principles in standing and seated postures to help create a balance of flexibility and strength in this vulnerable joint.  We will cover common mistakes that can put your knees at risk in your yoga practice and modifications that can help protect and even promote healing in sensitive knees. You will leave with knowledge on how a mindful yoga practice can make your knees (and the rest of you) very happy and healthy!

איטי/רגוע/ין | Slow/calm/yin

יום שישי, 14:00-15:45, במתחם אטמן


The Joy Of twists

An exploration of twists in yoga practice focusing on safety for the lower back and increasing mobility where you need it most.

Twists have many benefits in yoga practice including increasing spinal mobility, improving digestion and increasing energy and vitality.   Twists can also help regenerate and re hydrate the discs when practiced correctly. In this workshop, we will look at the common reasons that twists can hurt your lower back and sacroiliac joint and how you can focus on opening tight areas and stabilize weak ones so that you get the most benefit from your practice.  

בינוני | Medium

יום שבת, 10:00-11:45, במתחם אטמן


Rachel Krentzman

Rachel is a physiotherapist, yoga therapist and yoga instructor.  She owns Physi-Yoga, a yoga studio and yoga therapy center in Raanana and is the co-director of Wisdom-Body Yoga Therapy, an 800-hour yoga therapy training program for yoga teachers. She is the author of two books; Yoga for a Happy Back: A Teacher’s Guide to Spinal Health through Yoga Therapy and Scoliosis, Yoga Therapy and The Art of Letting Go. A graduate of McGill University, Rachel completed her 2000-hour teacher training with Aadil Palkhivala at the College of Purna Yoga and has studied intensively with Judith Hanson Lasater. Rachel has integrated yoga into her clinical physiotherapy practice since 2002.