Lea Lasser

Love is Love

A Radical Kundalini Kriya  to Open your Heart and free your mind.

HEART OPENING SET : After tuning in we shall  warm up the Kundalini way and begin with a dynamic Meditation with Mantra to open the lock of the heart and then move into the set to continue the process. Most of the practice is done with eyes closed most of the time  so that we have a perfect opportunity to look within, to listen . We practice with beautiful music and kundaloni rythms. We shall move , chant utilise our breath and clean our from within.

בינוני | Medium

יום שישי, 06:00-07:45, באמפי

Kundalini Yoga Release

"Yoga is a profound practice of Love". The more we release though our Kundalini practice the more we experience the Self.

Kundalini Yoga: Releasing the elements is a wonderful cleansing kriya/ meditation leading us to releasing and balancing the elements.

בינוני | Medium

יום שבת, 06:15-07:45, באמפי


Lea Lasser

Lea is an Australian born Yoga teacher with a lot of Life experience . She brings something different to her classes. She has acquired much knowledge from her studies, travels,  different teachings , teachers from Life. Lea (or Lila named by Devi Vanamali in Rishikesh ) uses the technology of Kundalini Yoga to enable you to experience your Self but with her wide knowledge of other methods and teachings she gives you an opportunity to widen your vision thus allowing you to observe and experience yourself from different perspectives.No class is the same but the current is.

She headed the Kundalini Yoga Teachers association for 3 years and was the founder of Kundaliniway and co-founder of KYTLV.

Lila also works as a holistic designer doing homes and sacred spaces.