Julian Brass

Oleh hadash, Julian Brass lives to inspire others to find their unique Notable Life. He is an entrepreneur, yoga instructor, life coach, motivational speaker, investor, and soon to be author. 9 Years ago after working tech in Silicon Valley he returned to his hometown of Toronto, Canada to launch Notable Life, a company with a mission to inspire people to live their best life. Notable has grown to become Canada's largest digital lifestyle brand for young professionals attracting more than 1,000,000 people to the each month. Over the years as his business grew so did his longing for a deeper, more balanced lifestyle which inspired him to embark on a deeper spiritual path routed in mindfulness and yoga. This path lead him to move to Israel. While living in Tel Aviv, Julian began practicing with a yoga guru from India. Some time after discovering a holistic, wellness-based lifestyle he decided to set his intention and life purpose to share his message of spreading love, light, and inspiration to all. Julian truly believes that each one of us has a unique energy and gift to share with the universe and that through self-work, self-love and intention we can all unlock this magical gift.

You can learn more about Julian on his website JulianBrass.com, follow him on instagram at @YogaCEO, on Facebook at Facebook.com/JulianBrass, and YouTube at YouTube.com/julianbrass