Jennifer Witte

Nutrition & Metabolism

A workshop to understand your metabolism better and learn tricks to keep it up.

Jennifer has been working as a nutrition coach for 7 years and is specialized in the metabolism. If your metabolism is powerful, you are powerful. In this workshop, you'll learn more about your own metabolic engine. You'll be taking a little test to analyse your metabolism and get recommendations on it. You'll get to know tricks that help you to get or stay healthy. You might be surprised by what's really good for you (spoiler: no diet products or just exercise and healthy eating).

Nourish Mind & Body

Our thoughts and mindset are crucial for health. Weight management isn't just about eating healthy and exercising regularly.

5kg more or less, doesn't define how incredibly beautiful and unique we are.

Weight loss happens naturally once we start to be more gentle and conscious with ourselves. Often, when we make unhealthy choices, we're actually looking for stress relief, intimacy, freedom or love.

You’ll get to know:

– why positive or negative feelings towards nutrition plays a crucial role in fat storage

– why we typically over or under eat to compensate for certain feelings

– your limiting belief systems towards nutrition and your body

In addition, you’ll be guided through a deep meditation to weaken unhealthy eating habits and and strengthen your trust in making healthy choices.


Jennifer Witte

I'm a studied nutrition and mindfulness coach, as well as a vinyasa  yoga teacher. My vision is to help individuals to develop a more loving relationship to their body, nutrition and exercise.

I've been coaching individuals on nutrition for the last 6 years by using different techniques such as meditation. I created an online nutrition coaching program that takes place several times per year to help individuals to change their health habits in a sustainable and loving way. Furthermore, I run workshops, retreats and guided meditations.