Jacqueline Logen

Gratitude Meditation

Lead meditation calling to mind beings in our lives who we are grateful for and sending love and gratitude out into the universe

Being thankful and appreciative has been proven to improve mental and physical health as well as enhance empathy. Empathy is a feeling or function associated with Anahata (heart) chakra. It is through empathy we can relate to all beings and show compassion and love with ease. Through a Gratitude Meditation we will connect to our heart centre and strengthen our ability to feel and show empathy. The session will include light asana and pranayama to connect to the physical and energetic bodies, instruction for the Gratitude meditation where we will sit silently for 15-20 minutes, ending with a simple mantra repetition to help with grounding and to seal in the benefits of the work.

איטי/רגוע/ין | Slow/calm/yin

חמישי, 21:00-22:00, במתחם סמדהי

Heart Centered Ego

A well rounded asana class with a focus on twisting and backbends to help connect our ego to our heart centre approaching life from love.

The ego is viewed as negative in Western ideals, but in truth we can't function without it. The ego is what motivates us to learn, explore, create – the ego can be our ally in life but when it goes unchecked we end up cut off from the heart centre and stuck living in a way that is creating suffering for ourselves, others and the world. When we work to connect the ego with the heart centre we become whole, we grow spiritually and operate from a place of love. The practice of yoga can help us to observe our ego to discover where we can let go and reconnect. Through chanting, breathing, moving and mediating we will work to live from our hearts and become whole again.

דינאמי | Dynamic

יום שישי, 8:00-9:45, במתחם האמפי

Jacqueline Logan

Right from the start, not only the physical practices, but also the philosophy and science of yoga intrigued me. The deeper connection of the mind to the physical and energetic bodies yoga provides is powerful and I believe the tools of yoga allow us to make life an amazing platform to learn, grow and become self realized. My classes include a vigorous asana practice with hands on adjustments, philosophy, chanting, music and meditation – hoping to inspire change and creativity in the everyday life of the modern yogi. I am a student of the ISHTA and Jivamukti schools and love spreading the knowledge I have studied and continue to study. I am also a certified Yin Yoga Teacher and I am currently studying sound therapy and healing with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.