Jackie Logan

Change of Heart

Jivamukti Yoga class focused on opening and connecting to the heart centre through chanting, pranayama and asana. Inspiring the alleviation of fears and change in negative opinions held about the self by focusing on backbending. Class includes music and hands on assists.

Gratitude Meditation

Starting with a brief explanation of what to expect we will move into a very short and light asana practice to open the body so we can sit with ease. Followed by lead pranayama and visualization after which we will sit in silent meditation together. We will break the silent meditation with chanting and a few grounding asana. This meditation is suitable for all levels and cultivates gratitude and a sense of love for all beings.

Jackie Logan

When I discovered that yoga is a practice providing tools that would guide and inspire me to become a student for life I was in! Not only the physical practices, but also the philosophy and science of yoga intrigued me. The deeper connection of the mind to the physical and emotional bodies yoga provides is powerful and I believe the tools of yoga allow us to make life one big, amazing practice. My classes include a vigorous asana practice with hands on adjustments, philosophy, chanting, music and meditation – hoping to inspire change and creativity in the everyday life of the modern yogi. I currently teach around Tel Aviv where I also live with my husband who I met in NYC where I completed over 1000 hours of teacher training and apprenticeships. I am a student of the ISHTA and Jivamukti schools and love spreading the knowledge I have received and continue to study.