Hugh Poulton

Embodied Energetics


The Sukhita approach has its origins in the physical discipline of Ashtanga yoga and the energy work and meditation disciplines of the Vajrayana and Theravadin Buddhist traditions.
It is a unique approach to using the physical, energetic and mental body. When we integrate these we change our relationship to physical strength, effort and concentration and discover a new road map to follow towards lightness and balance of body, heart and mind.

In this workshop we will explore this through a playful experimentation with the nature of mind and the postures and sequences of Ashtanga yoga including inversions and backbends.

Embodied Compassion


The Sukhita approach provides a methodology to listen to what needs to be heard, to show up for ourselves and cultivate an inner strength to work with the shadow within. It creates a positive relationship with vulnerability and uncomfortable truths allowing us to be deeply seen whilst supporting us to take responsibility for our choices.  Embracing vulnerability positively opens the heart to connection and with it our sense of purpose and meaning.

We will explore the Sukhita approach through familiar yoga asanas, sequences and movement in general, both individually and in pairs.


Hugh Poulten and Sarah Hayden are developers of Integrated Yoga and Mindfulness. Their outside-the-box approach is fresh, direct and relevant, a product of Hugh's 30+ years of yoga and mindfulness experience and Sarah's contemporary perspective. This expresses itself in rich and insightful workshops, all of which include mindfulness practices, an Ashtanga asana flow (accessible to all levels and to all practitioners), and original and important work with the bandhas (embodied energetics). All participants will gain new insights into yoga practice in general, yoga teachers will discover ways to fine-tune their practice and their teaching, and Ashtanga aficionados will thoroughly enjoy Hugh and Sarah's approach to the practice.  

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