Eddy Tonoyaga

Chakra Flow  

The Chakras, or as they translate to wheel or spinning disks, are the seven main vortexes of energy situated along the spine and when open, they ensure that Prana, or life force, can flow freely- helping us to stay healthy and vibrant. A wonderful benefit of clearing your chakras is releasing toxic thoughts and feelings that may keep you blocked in specific areas of your life.Come join Eddy in a full spectrum asana practice

designed to release tension held in the physical body and also in the energetic body.

Handstand 101

Eddy is a self proclaimed inversion junkie and is passionate about sharing his passion of going upside down. Handstands challenges the whole body, increases mental sharpness, are invigorating and brings a natural high.

Join Eddy in this all-levels workshop designed for students who would like to experience the excitement of being upside down, and also for the more experienced yogi who is working on refining their handstands in the middle of the room.

The focus will be on:

  • proper foundation.
  • drills to strengthen the core and shoulders.
  • looking at different ways to enter handstands.
  • how to fall out of handstand safely.

All that is required is a sense of playfulness!

Eddy Toyonaga began his discovery of yoga in 2007 in a hot yoga class. Everything changed when he eventually took a Vinyasa class. Dancing through the flowing asanas and linking his breath to his movement spoke to him like nothing had before.
Eddy invites you to come and playfully push your edges to groovy beats in his full spectrum Chakra Flow and/or to get super playful in his Handstand 101 workshop . Regardless of the lesson, the intent is to connect to the deepest part of your self uniting mind, body and soul.
Eddy is dedicated to helping people build strong, flexible bodies and develop a focused mind without compromising the importance of the soul.

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