Divya Rolla


Yoga Live Sivananda and Music

Using sounds, drone frequencies and rhythms , divya and yotam will run a soft Yoga class that explore the relationships between the postures and the music and enhance the power that one can have on the other in a class.

Sound will be a focus point and carrier during the session while Divya’s voice will play a role in between.

Chanting and Symbolism of Hindu Gods

Divya will lead the participants through a series of frequently used mantras and slokas and their associated deities and describe the symbolism of the deities form and the mantras associated to him or her.

About Divya

Divya Rolla's deep sense of curiosity and passion for the body and mind have led her down many paths.

Divya embraced her life-long love of dance, by training and performing all over the world with 'The Padmini Chettur Dance Company'. She has performed in multiple festivals in over 23 countries.It was under the rigorous instruction of the renowned choreographer that Divya developed an invaluable understanding of how her body works.

Yoga, which initially began as something that complemented her devotion to dance, soon took over Divya's life. She decided to further her understanding of Yoga by completing the teacher’s training program and the advanced teachers training at the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai and with Srivatsa Ramaswami. She also spent time in Mysore studying Ashtanga Yoga under Saraswati Jois. She taps into her back-ground of dance and yoga while teaching, and her classes engages a person both physically and mentally.