Šárka Soudková

YINSIGHTS: meditative yin yoga

Yin yoga merges yogistic and Taoist tradition and is considered for a practice of a quiet power. Most of the forms of yoga practiced in the Western world tend to have a yang nature as they are focusing on muscle work and striving to reach a particular form. Yin yoga emphasizes rather the softness, surrender, acceptance and meditative state of mind. The attention is drawn towards affecting the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascias, joints), i.e. the tissues of great importance to the range of motions. Yin yoga targets specifically the lower spine, pelvis and femur joints and effectively stimulates meridians, which pass through this area of body. Each posture is held for relatively long period of time (3 to 5 minutes) to encourage the slow and safe opening of connective tissues. Yin yoga can be quite a challenging practice due to the length of time postures are held, but the release of stiffness is not only on the physical level, but allows also space for emotional cleansing. Other benefits are the experience of deep relaxation, peaceful mind and renewal of the life force. It is a great complement to the dynamic yoga practice, sport, but also to the hectic world we are living in.

The workshop will be taught in English. Suitable for all levels of practitioners, the variations will be provided to fit everyone´s current needs and dispositions. Please inform Sarka about any health or other concerns you might have before the start of the yoga class.

Eagle and Condor Vinyasa

This vinyasa sequence inspired by my trip to Peru can be seen as a dance through asanas, during which we could experience connection with all the Elements – feeling the fluidity of the Water, spaciousness of the Air, stability of the Earth as well as the liveliness of the Fire.

The Condor is here a symbol of an emissary, who connects us with the sky, teaches us to use the air currents to ascend high and fluently descend back to the ground, teaches us to let the Nature lead us, not to fight it. The Eagle symbolizes the focus on the goal. With a bright mind and straight focus, the Eagle can clearly see everything from the birds’ perspective and direct the energy where needed. „The Eagle and Condor” is also one of the South American prophecies or myths, which speaks about the possibility of finding the unity through re-connection of split dual paths of a humankind.

During the session there will be a space to learn more about this inspiring story encoded into the asana sequence. We will have also time to go beyond the form and focus of sensing ourselves on this path in the given moment. This experience will be underlined by several yin yoga asanas in which we will stay a bit longer and also by a deep guided relaxation accompanied by the Koshi chime sounds at the end of the session.

About Sarka:

Yoga is an integral part of Šárka's daily life or rather her way of perceiving the world. She started practicing in 2004 and inclined rather to the dynamic styles of yoga, which she studied in Europe and India. In Canada she was fortunate to become student of Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza thanks to whom she discovered the enormous potential of gentler approach to the practice during her 500h Yoga Teacher Training in Prana Yoga Teacher College. In Vancouver she also experienced the power of deep and meditative Yin Yoga and received Yin Yoga certification from Jolene Bayda and then immersed deeper to this practice thanks to Paul Grilley and Sebastian Pucelle. She is enthusiastic to share her passion for yoga with her students and study more both in the large discipline of yoga as well as the related therapeutic fields. Her way of teaching encourages the students to bring full awareness to the present moment, inspires them to peacefully connect through their body and breath with their true self and thus discover their own immense life potential. Based on her trainings with David Emerson and Lisa Danylchuk Šárka facilitates the sessions of trauma-sensitive yoga, which is an adjunct therapy for trauma survivors, also useful for people who are going through a stressful period of life, suffering from depressions and anxieties. Šárka loves traveling and discovering the world around as well as exploring the inner landscapes.

Website: www.yogaharmony.cz