Alit Bar Sadeh

Move Like the Wind

Dynamic flow with live music that connects us to the air element and the heart chakra. Inspired by Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa Flow, we’ll use spontaneous movement, Asanas, Mudras and Mantras, to manifest the ease, mobility, and playfulness of Air.

Just as formless, limitless, unseen yet essential to our existence, air is, so is the energetic heart or Anahata. Its light can not be struck, it is the home of the soul, it is always there, holding us and shining through us.

This practice invites you to let go and drop into it, let it guide you and your movements, on and off the mat.

Playing and chanting LIVE at this session is Anton Koliadko, a talented and veteran musician, who works extensively with the integration of Yoga, meditation, sounds and mantras. More on Anton and his sessions at YogaFest.

Practice pace: Dynamic

Amphi, Saturday 10am-12


Alit Bar Sadeh

Experienced Yoga teacher, novice musician, bodyworker, and a loving being, who’s known for her dynamic, playful and thorough approach to teaching.

Alit leads classes, workshops, and retreats locally and internationally, where she uses the physical practice, together with mantras and discussions to explore philosophical ideas from the yogi tradition and integrate them in a modern lifestyle.

Alit’s asana teaching is inspired by Ashtanga Yoga and Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa method, with great emphasis on the 5 elements and the deep connection to the inner movement of our life source.

 Alit is also Yoga Fest’s Director of Content and has been a collaborative partner to founder Nir Haim Shakaroff since the first festival in 2016. | Insta: alit.barsadeh | Facebook: yogasmile | Youtube: YogaWithASmile